M & A Experts


Our hand-selected local consulting experts and companies understand your needs from ground up. Together we build the team matching your requirements.

Our best practice executives provide a top level perspective, so your team can steer for best results and to stay on top of your industry.

Executive business development & alliance services incl. M & A is our core competence. We call it passion, you call it success. Our Associates are available in most capital cities.

Merger & Acquisition

H & A matches the ideal buyer and seller in industries such as automotive, banking, FMCG, energy, hydrogen, pharma, IT etc. Our network of corporate investors in North America and Europe will add a cutting edge financial and sales advantage to your company, so you stay in focus with your core business. *** Our buyer portfolio database is complete. Please contact us, when you have a solid budget for your search and target evaluation requests.

Growth Capital

H & A provides a significant key momentum in your buy-out capital, carve-out project. Our pool of equity investors established funds, investment holdings provide you realistic options. Let us assist you in picking the right business partner matching your tactical and strategic needs.

Joint Ventures

Get maximum sales and growth with JVs in Europe/North America or Asia. We jump start your external business growth with mapping of your USPs, your expectation followed by a best practice approach with our local Associates. Contact us today for a first free overview of our executive services!

Our partner portfolio includes leading banks, funds on a buy- and sell-side base with investment placements in profitable, mature companies and technologies. We select the best investors for your company and project.

Our technology leaders and patent holder will boost your company portfolio. By delivering intellectual property and technologies you stay on top in your highly competitive market. One of our focus is Hydrogen based products and derivatives technologies.

Our networking consultancies are the best breed of in their carve-out world. They will prepare your company for highest investment, high value exit by maximizing your companies results. This includes green restructuring with green energy and green materials.

Stay on top of your markets with our executive advisory services and partner network.

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